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Welcome to the Etherlands FAQ! Find out answers to burning questions, tips, tricks and overall in-depth documentation for everything Etherlands.

🏝️ What is Etherlands?

Etherlands is a decentralized game currently utilizing Minecraft to cultivate a fun, creative, and community-powered experience. Users can buy chunks of land on the Polygon network and a corresponding ERC-721s (NFTs) token is minted. Whoever holds the token has ownership of the land and controls who can build, mine, and play there. Players can allocate chunks (otherwise known as districts) to towns to create an extensive co-op experience.

📚 Getting Started

Create an Account

In order to play Etherlands, you will need an account. You can choose between Fortmatic or Metamask currently.
If you are using Metamask, verify at the top of your wallet to make sure you are in the Polygon Network and not in Ethereum Mainnet or any other network.
In this video, we go over how to connect your wallet to the Etherlands website so you can purchase land!

Setup Minecraft

New to Minecraft? Forgot how it works? Here’s how you can join in on the fun! To play Etherlands, you’ll need to download Minecraft: Java Edition.
  • Start your Minecraft launcher.
  • Select the 1.18.1 version.
  • Press “Play” and Minecraft will begin launching.
  • Once you've reached the Minecraft title screen, select “Multiplayer.” A server list will appear, where you can save your favorite servers!
  • Select “Add Server” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter for the server address.
    • You can nickname the server anything you want in the “Server Name” section.
  • Double click the new Etherlands server entry on the list and you’re ready to play!
In this video, we go over where to buy/download Minecraft: Java Edition and how to launch it correctly to join Etherlands.
To play Minecraft on the blockchain, you have to successfully link your Etherlands and Minecraft accounts.
We've created a really simple process to do this:
  • Launch the Etherlands server on Minecraft.
  • To access Minecraft chat, type “/” or “T”.
  • Type /link in the Minecraft chat.
  • Type “/” or “T” again and select “Click here to link your Ethereum address”.
  • You will automatically be directed to your Etherland profile; you’ll see your linking details automatically populated with the three magic words and your username.
    • Do not change any of these or you will have to repeat the process.
  • Select the "Connect Wallet" button under the player card to connect the wallet you created in step one.
  • Once your wallet is connected, select "Link Minecraft Account".
  • Follow through with the Metamask prompts, and you’re all set to begin buying land!
In this video, we go over how you can link your Minecraft account to the Etherlands website!

Claim Land

We are currently conducting our playtest! During this period, all land purchases and gas fees on MetaMask are funded by us. In order to receive “funds”, just select the "Get Playtest Money" under your profile at the top right hand of the screen.
In order to build, harvest resources, or play the game fully, you’ll need to buy land. Buying land is simple:
  • Again, make sure you are in the Polygon Network at the top of your MetaMask wallet.
  • Select the “map” tab in the upper left-hand corner of the page. You will be brought to an interactive map of the world.
  • Zoom in and scroll around the map until you find the perfect piece of land.
  • Once you decide which section of the world you would like to purchase, adjust this square depending on how many chunks you wish to buy.
  • To purchase your selection, select “Buy Now”.
  • Create a district or select an existing district.
  • Name the district and select “Preview Purchase”.
  • Verify your purchase in the preview window, and confirm the purchase.
    • If it is your first time purchasing land, you will need to allow Etherlands to use your USDC. Your Metamask wallet will appear; review the transaction and confirm.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive your first chunk of land.
Buy land here!
In this episode, we go over how you can purchase land on the Etherlands website.

Login and Have Fun

Now that you’re linked and own land, you’re ready to start in on the fun! Upon logging into the server, we recommend using /boat and /tools to fully get started and navigate to your land safely. If you travel within the safe zones, you can travel safely without losing hunger or taking any type of damage. Safe zones can be found along the X and Z axis (X = 0 or Z = 0). You can use /warpme in-game to teleport to a district you own.
Note: /warpme can only be used once per district.
New to Minecraft? Stuck? Check out these resources to find out more about the game!