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NFT Paintings

Etherlands uses never-before-seen programming to display Ethereum NFTs in-game!

How-To Display an NFT

To display an NFT in-game, you will need to craft and place a sign.
This is the crafting recipe for a sign.
All signs must use the following format to properly display the NFT.
First Line: NFT [ID]
Second Line: [contract address]
Third Line: [size (1-8)]
The left sign is the proper formatting of an NFT Painting sign. The right sign is an example of a correctly formatted sign.

First Line & Second Line

Type "NFT" then enter in the Token ID. On the second line, enter 6-10 characters of the contract address. You can find this in an NFT's details panel on any NFT Marketplace or in the link of an NFT you're viewing on a NFT Marketplace.

Third Line

The size is how big it will appear in-game. To reduce lag, we've set a size limit of 8 (which is pretty big!)
This is a size 8 NFT! (It's HUGE!)


Have issues displaying an NFT? Here are some solutions to the following errors:
collection not found
You've entered the contract address incorrectly! Check again and make sure that your contract address is free of any typos.
We support most Ethereum Mainnet NFTs currently.
invalid size allowed: 1 to 8
You've tried making an NFT bigger than we currently support! We only support sizes 1-8.