🎮First Time Login

Here are some helpful tips-and-tricks upon joining Etherlands for the first time!

New to Minecraft?

If it's your first time playing or you're coming back from a year's hiatus, here are some helpful links for you to get started!

Spawn Points

Where do I spawn? Can I set a spawn?

We have a global spawn that every player will appear upon their first time logging into the server. Past that, you will spawn wherever you log out. To set your own spawn, in case of death, just sleep in a bed!

If your bed is broken, your spawn will be reset to the global spawn.

Safe Zones

How can I safely travel to my land?

Etherlands uses a "safe zone system" where you can travel along both the X or Z axis without experiencing any loss of health or hunger. This safe zone exists between chunk coordinates -2 & 2 (as displayed below).

We encourage new users to use /warpme at spawn to teleport to your District. Note: /warpme only works once per District.

In-Game HUD

Need a map? Our in-game HUD currently offers a built-in minimap & compass that automatically updates as you move! Want to see what it all means? Use /map and then hover over each element to see what most things mean!

Want to customize your experience? Use /hud to configure different on-screen elements!

Current HUD elements: minimap & compass. We plan on adding more in the future.

Playing With Friends

Etherlands is better with friends! In order for friends to play on districts you own (vice versa), you must: be friends or be in the same town (with proper permissions).

  1. To simply play on another user's district, have them add you to their friend's list! Use /friend add [PlayerName] to add a friend to your friend's list.

  2. To play on another user's district, join their town (or make one of your own). Find out more information at What is a Town?.

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