🏙️What is a Town?

Find out more about Towns on Etherlands!

Towns are the largest organizations that can be created by players through Etherlands. These large organizations are comprised of town members' districts, that are purchased then delegated to the town. Delegated districts can be reclaimed from the town at any time, with no fee or wait period to the player.

The player that founds the town is the owner/mayor of said town and will control the town names and permissions. These Land Permissions will govern all districts delegated to the town. The creator can enable different permissions for different people by creating groups. See What is a Group? to learn more.

Players invited to towns do not need to own land to play within the town limits. The town can control the build, destroy, etc. permissions with ease for this reason. Every person can create a town; however, there is a limit of one town per player.

For example: Sally and Joe are playing in Etherlands. Sally makes a town named "Sallyton" and invites Joe. However, Joe can't join Sallyton because he owns his own town named "Joe World". Joe would rather play with Sally so he deletes his town, joins Sallyton, then uses /district delegate District to let Sally use his districts in Sallyton.

For example: Chris wants to be in his own town and Monica's town as well. He tries joining Monica's town but it keeps failing. Chris doesn't know he can only be in one town at a time.

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