💡Utility Commands

Explore different utilities on Etherlands!

/gamer info

See your friends list, account linking status, and more!


Shows current coordinates, compass, nearby chunk overview.


Get stuck or just need to die? We got you! Note: you will die in-game - make sure your spawnpoint is set by a bed (or you'll land back at the world spawn).


Configure different elements in-game such as our minimap!


Connect your wallet to be able to purchase/sell land and get the core Etherlands experience!


Need starter materials? Get some leather armor, wooden tools, and bread on the house!


Get a boat for free!


Once you have claimed land, you can use the command at spawn to teleport to your land. Note: this command only works once per District.

/slug [ContractID]

Returns slug of collection!


Summon a "Getting Started" book with everything you need (just in case you forget!)


See the world seed!

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