🗺️What is a District?

Find out more about Districts on Etherlands!

Districts are bundles of individual chunks of land. Each district is a unique ERC-721 token with a unique name that the minter chooses. Whoever possesses the district token controls the permission for the associated land. somewhere: user profile page

District pages are available to all users currently. These pages host lots of information regarding Districts.

In-House Renders

Our District page displays our in-house 3D renders created when land is purchased and updated as you game. Each district generates four (4) renders, one of each direction, so you can see your land in all of its glory!

Currently, only the biggest cluster of land will be rendered. Not sure what a cluster is? See Cluster Location (& Cluster) for more information.

Cluster Location (& Cluster)

Different plots of land, added to a district, that aren't connected will show as different clusters.

Cluster information is shown using the following format: [# of Chunks @ X Coordinate , Z Coordinate]. To show a different cluster on the Cluster Location Map, simply click and the map will show the relative cluster.

District names must be unique. Two districts will not be able to have the same name. District names are case-sensitive.

How-To use Districts?

District owners can delegate their district to a town or invite friends (using their friend's list) to play on their land. District management will also be possible via our website in the future.

Onchain users can trade/sell their district with each other like any other NFT.

District owners can delegate and reclaim their districts at any time.

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