What is Land?

Find out more about Land on Etherlands!
Etherlands uses Minecraft’s native land system as the base layer. Minecraft measures groups of blocks in "chunks" and each chunk contains an area of 16 blocks by 16 blocks. Every selection of land on our website is measured on a chunk-by-chunk basis (i.e. 10x10 selection means 10 chunks by 10 chunks).
This is a 3 chunk by 3 chunk selection of land.

How-To Find Land?

In Minecraft, chunks are given x and z coordinates. Using the in-game map, you can easily orient and direct yourself to your land. Once you have purchased land, you can use /warpme at spawn to teleport to your land. Note: you will need to have linked /link your wallet and the /warpme is a one-time use.

How-To Buy Land?

Once a player links their wallet to Etherlands, they can buy land by visiting our map page. To purchase land: browse the map, select your desired location, then select "Buy Now".
Default land cost varies widely, based on a tier system. Tiers rank from 1-14 (tier 1 being the cheapest, tier 14 being the most expensive). Any land purchasable by the Etherlands Safe Zones and/or closer to the global spawn will be a higher tier of land and will cost more than the majority of land on the server.