🫂What is a Group?

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Groups are specialized subsets of a town. These special subsets can be given differing levels of permissions to suit any needs that may arise. I.e. town council, regular members, town officers, etc. To learn more about permissions per group or District, check out Land Permissions to learn more.

Not sure where to start? All towns come with three automatically created groups!

  • Member: Default group for anyone who joins a town. Automatically granted.

  • Manager: Group specifically for town managers that have the ability to manage all permissions of the town. Can only be delegated by town owners.

  • Outsider: Group specifically for managing permissions for those who do not belong to the town.

There is an unlimited amount of groups allowed per town but a user can only be a part of one group at a time.

For example: Sally wants to make Tom a town officer that has almost every permission. She removes the citizen group role from him and adds him as a town officer.

For example: Chris is a part of the Merchant group in Tiffany's town. Tiffany wants to keep him in the merchant group but give him more permissions than the others. Tiffany will have to make a new group with the appropriate permissions for Chris to join.

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