🔁Player Trading System

On Etherlands, players can trade with each other 5 blocks apart or 5,000,000 blocks apart, with a simple command!

Player trading is a core mechanic of Etherlands! This allows you to buy, sell, and trade items, blocks, and server credits with other players.

To initiate a trade with another player, you can use /trade [player]. This will send a trade invitation to the other player. Once accepted, a custom trading GUI will open.

Everything you want to trade can be inserted into the left side. Items the other player wants to trade will be featured on the right and updated in real-time.

Once your trade is ready, you can click the ready button to confirm the trade.

And ta-da! You've successfully traded on Etherlands!

Inventory a bit too full? New items that will exceed your inventory space will be dropped at your feet! Proceed with caution!

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